Working through the Covid-19 Pandemic


COVID-19 – The OneSpace Approach

As this global pandemic continues to affect us all, businesses are forced to innovate and find ways to work. The coworking community is at the mercy of their office space provider. Here at OneSpace, we aim to make the return to work as seamless as possible.

We should keep everyone who works in or visits OneSpace safe. Therefore, we have deployed the following processes to enable continued productivity during the COVID19 crisis.

OneSpace is regularly sanitized and disinfected including all office equipment, fixtures and furnishings. Extra attention is given to multi-contact items such as seating, desks, handles, and switches.

Sanitizers Throughout OneSpace
Medical-grade sanitizers are available for coworkers, visitors and staff to use. We also ask all our coworkers to follow good hygiene principles.

Face Masks
In keeping with general WHO advice, everyone is expected to wear face masks while inside the building.

Social Distancing
Seating is arranged to keep coworkers 2 meters apart.

Temperature Checks
Temperature is being checked for everyone entering our premises, this is done to ensure that no one is working whilst having fever or illness.

We understand the importance of sustaining your business. We will continue to offer the capability to work efficiently.